Mobile First

Mobile devices are getting upgraded to first class aboard the Google search plane. In March 2018, the company announced the rollout of something called the mobile-first index. This technical-sounding name simply means that, if you have both a desktop and mobile version of your site, Google’s bots will check out the mobile one first when deciding how to rank your site in the search results. Hence, mobile-first. Get it? (Nice one, Google.) It’s not a mobile-only policy, so if you only have a desktop website, it can still be indexed – the lack of a mobile twin might just mean a lower position on the SERPs.

Just wait for it – mobile’s special treatment is far from over. Just a few months after the mobile-first index release, Google also launched the mobile speed update. The translation: Loading speed is a factor in how they calculate the ranking of mobile sites. And remember how mobile sites are now being looked at first by those bots? A lightning fast mobile site, then, is your golden SEO ticket.

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