SEO in 2109

This holiday season, it suddenly dawned on us: Search engines, like Google, are only trying to be that beloved figure who crosses all the items off someone’s wish list. Any time you enter something into a search box, the system just wants to make you happy and connect you with exactly the result that you’re looking for. The best gift giver around, if you ask us.

And because search engines want to maintain that stellar reputation all year round, they care a lot about making quality recommendations when selecting what sites will appear on their SERPs (search engine result pages). Getting your website to make an appearance at a prominent spot, then, will depend on you proving that you have superb content to offer the world, as well as helping these search engines understand when to have you in mind as the best solution they can offer to puzzled searchers.

These practices are known as SEO (search engine optimization). 2019 is shaping up to be a big year of advances in this field, as search engines continue getting smarter and more skilled at producing highly specific results that are tailored to exactly what we’re dreaming of. Below, you can find the top 10 SEO trends to get ready for in 2019, to ensure your website is ranking high and getting found by your target audiences.

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