E Commerce Website Design Tips

If your product is absolutely unique, you may be safe from disappearing into the sea of competition. If you have some competitors, which is no doubt the case for most businesses, then this article is aimed just for you. Strap in, since we’re about to reveal the secret to creating a profitable eCommerce website. Many elements can contribute to this such as: the user experience, your promotional offers and the product or service itself. But studies showed that there’s one key element that makes all the difference: everything comes down to the design of your eCommerce site. The way your site is structured, and the process your visitors have to follow from the homepage to the payment section, will greatly affect the success of a user checking out. Something as simple as the placement of a ‘free delivery’ icon could be the deciding factor for a client to buy or not.

As a E Commerce website visitor, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to search for contact information. It’s enough to make any site visitor throw in the towel and leave the site altogether. Avoid that and make sure all of your contact details are instantly visible by placing them in the header or the footer of every page of your site.

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