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Mobile internet users expect quick and simple access to the most important information that your site has to offer, and that includes your contact info. If visitors need to get in touch and are unable to easily find what they need, they might lose patience and decide to move on.

Mobile internet use is so prevalent these days, that even your technophobic aunt can tell you how no online presence is complete without a mobile website. But knowing is one thing and implementing is another.

After they create a website, many site owners assume that optimization for mobile browsing happens automatically. While technological developments make modifying a full site into a mobile one increasingly smoother important distinctions between regular and mobile web still require some

special attention and finessing.

Along every step of the way, you need to always remember that mobile browsing has its own rules.

Two considerations should guide your mobile content strategy.

  • The first is that site visitors are often accessing your site when they’re out and about, and often while in a rush.

  • The second is that the small screen size completely changes how they interact with your content.

Even if they’re scrolling leisurely while chilling at home, they don’t enjoy the convenient features of a full screen.

This means your mobile content should provide immediate and precise answers to possible questions.

As a website owner seeking your claim to fame, you’ve known since the moment you chose to create a website that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a high priority, which is why now is a great time to tune in. SEO is a constantly evolving field and there are a lot of modifications in the way Google ranks websites. But the web design community was recently shaken by a true revolution called mobile-first index. This huge buzzword has been spreading in the past year and a half, and up until now, we only knew that it meant Google’s algorithms would rank websites – which includes your website – based on their mobile version, first and foremost.

Since March 2018, the mobile-first transformation has been happening for real. As a vast majority of your visitors are already seeing your website from their smartphone, you need to pay a great deal of attention to it.

More specifically, you really need to provide your users with an equally fulfilling experience on

smartphones and desktops when entering your site.

The mobile-first index revolution means that your website needs to have a mobile version as perfectly optimized as its desktop one if it wants to stand a chance in the “page-one-ranking” competition. One of the first things you should do is check if your web designer or website builder can deliver a mobile-friendly version of your site. Then take a moment to browse your website from a smartphone to make sure all your content fits in an easily readable manner. You’ll see that there might be many things for you to improve – from the content to the navigation and the layout. You might even need to create a mobile website from scratch.

If you’re going to go mobile, you better do it right.

We will create you mobile app and ensure it is performing at the highest levels. 

All of our desktop websites come with mobile websites,

but if you are looking for just a mobile website we do that too. 

Connection Web Development Mobile Website Design
Connection Web Development Mobile Website Design
Connection Web Development Mobile Website Designe 03
Connection Web Development Mobile Website Design
Connection Web Development Mobile Website Design 06