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eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce is the future of shopping and sales

Our eCommerce website design and website development services can help you grow your business, boost your brand online, drive traffic and conversions, and increase sales. An eCommerce website can help you grow and expand your business by allowing you to appeal to the growing percentage of online shoppers. Having a quality eCommerce website means your business's online store will be optimized for mobile and other devices, offer an easy, quick, and efficient user-experience, and impress and engage potential online shoppers who visit your website.


Optimizing and marketing your eCommerce website online can also improve your website's ability to attract potential customers online, drive conversions, and ultimately increase sales. Popular eCommerce digital marketing strategies include: paid ads, social media marketing, eCommerce SEO, and email marketing.

Why Connection Website Designs LLC eCommerce

Our eCommerce website designers focus on one thing – getting you more sales. Our team at Connection Website Designs LLC takes the time to learn about your needs, goals and target audience. Then we develop a strategy to design, development and marketing that will get you sales. With years of eCommerce website development experience and dozens upon dozens of eCommerce websites built, we understand that your eCommerce website is more than just your digital storefront. It’s the gateway to your inventory management, sales reporting history, Point of Sale systems and more. When choosing the correct platform for your small business website we must take all these points into consideration. From Shopify to BigCommerce to WordPress with WooCommerce, each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. We know them all and will help you decide which platform is best for your small business.

We are dedicated to building eCommerce websites that are a complete standout because of their visual appeal. Design is our forte, after all. But, we also make sure that the website is packed with features, such as order and payment tools, that will help create a better experience for the users. Plus, we ensure that the web design is reflective of your brand. Using the latest technology and observing industry standards, our team will create a fast website that allows users to go from browsing to checkout, in seconds. As mentioned, we want your website to deliver a shopping experience that will turn your clients into repeat customers. Also, we optimize your eCommerce website to make sure it’s responsive across all devices and it’s visible on Google. This way, you can grow your sales in no time.

Ecommerce Websites

Our eCommerce Website Services 


Online Shopping Store

Nowadays, having a modern and professional online store for all business owners, manufacturers, sellers and service providers is a very important and undeniable thing. Customers of such sites, due to their busy schedule and lack of time to attend physical markets to provide the goods they need; a great desire to provide goods through a professional online store and at the same time. Owners of the product should note that an online store website is a 24-hours store where customers can make purchases from this system at any time of the day or night. Everything happens automatically and intelligently from producing an invoice to sending a confirmation and online payment message and displaying the purchase status. So that anyone able to easily manage your virtual store.

Advantages of eCommerce store

  • The online store has no time limit. This way you can serve your customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, even on holidays.

  • There is a lack of spaces and facilities to offer and sell products on the retail website. But at an online store, you don’t need a lot of physical space to place products or employees.

  • Ability to manage the store remotely (even at home or on a trip) without realization of a customer.

  • Very easy to inform about auctions, reduction or increase of existing prices or non-availability of goods, new products.

  • Accurate reporting of sales listings by product, per product group, per-user or per user group at specific times without the need for accounting or accounting software.

  • Attract revenue for the store by getting ads.

  • Providing services to thousands of clients simultaneously

  • Ability to provide a list of goods, create an image gallery.

  • Introduce dealers, stores and display a list of available goods.

  • Provide sales reports

  • Ability to compare products as well as add to favorites

  • Has a scoring and commenting system

  • Create technical specifications for the product

  • Ability to add online payment through the country’s acceleration network and pay by bank check.

  • Make great sales by mentioning previous product prices.

  • It is possible to buy orders and buy goods in three forms: fixed prices, auctions and sending offers to the seller.

  • Advanced product search (based on name, brand, color, etc.)

  • Sales-based inventory management

  • Pre-invoice issuance, order shopping cart and professional process.

  • Registration and account system with a record of each customer’s purchase records

  • View customer list and their information

  • Possibility of advanced access level for store managers and application access for each group

  • Create a separate panel for customers to create products, view invoices, sales, products sold and etc.

Why should you do eCommerce?

The main reason

Nowadays, people can access various electronic media in the online world easily and quickly. And the use of the internet can be considered as the main activity in the daily lives of most people. Whether, it is searching for specific information, checking email, watching television or listening to music online.

Benefits of eCommerce

  • Many businesses are turning into eCommerce more to reach potential customers. In addition, the eCommerce business has many benefits which can be summarized as follows:

  • Do not need a storefront: Product samples can be shown in images or video clips on websites or social media.

  • No salesperson needed: It can display various information with a system that can automate trading or contact online. Make it open for sale and support customers 24 hours a day.

  • Increase sales opportunities Merchants have the opportunity to reach everyone who has the internet. Therefore can have customers from both the country and the world No problems with traveling.

  • Reduce management costs: Therefore can be used to invest more in other areas such as business expansion advertising, public relations and etc.

  • Accurate and measurable marketing: Can use websites to sell products and social media to collect customer information including visitors. And can be used to target online marketing.

Why do you need a good eCommerce website?

The website is considered an intermediary between stores and customers. The ability to sell products or not is part of the website. In addition, there are a lot of businesses selling products online. Making a website with a good management system for business owners and users will help reduce the burden of the entrepreneur.

Reasons behind having an Connection Website Designs eCommerce website

eCommerce can close the sale more easily which can summarize the details of a good eCommerce website as the following topics:

  • The website page must be organized aside from being beautiful. And it should be easy to use. The product classification is systematically not complicated.

  • Website systems or back-end systems must be easy to manage and control. To facilitate the seller.

  • The product details are clear and complete, including pictures, text, price explanations. In addition, customer reviews can be added to help make a purchasing decision.

  • Product status must be displayed in real-time. That is, if the product is out of stock or has a small amount it must show up to customers to make the decision.

  • There is a simple, hassle-free ordering process which clearly states what to do.

  • Able to summarize the customer order lists such as total product prices, shipping charges and etc.

  • Payment must be secure. And there should be several ways for customers to pay, such as credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal and etc.

  • There is a system to monitor the delivery to increase confidence for customers.

  • The website must be SEO friendly which will help users find the website through Google which will increase the website visitors. That will give you the opportunity to sell more products.

eCommerce Website Plans

Looking for just a Website with no Monthly Plan?

Custom designed and built eCommerce websites start at $750

with no monthly plan and includes 2 updates per year.

ecommerce website development
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